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The 42 Day Body Transformation For Moms  
The Milpitas Mommy bootcamp is perfect for you if you:
  •  Need a coach to motivate you and keep you accountable...
  •  Love training with a dynamic group of moms just like you...
  •  Are new to training or have just 'had some time off'...
  •  Want to follow a simple step by step program to a new body... 
  •  Are ready to transform your body and get fitter than ever...
Tone Your Body        Burn Fat         Boost Energy
Tone Your Body        Burn Fat         Boost Energy
Here's What's Included:
Proper Exercise
  • Build Strength & Tone Your Body
  •  Incorporate Cardio For A Fit & Tight Body
  •  Set Your Body Up For Fat Loss
  •  Boost Your Confidence In A New Dress
  •  Moms Just Like You Join The Social Fun
  •  It Only Takes A Little While To Feel Better
  •  You Can Reduce Stress Response
Accountability Coach
  •  Text Directly with Coach Miranda
  •  Get Clarity Within Body, Mind & Soul
  •  Your Coach Will Keep You Accountable
  •  You'll Finally Feel Motivated
  •  Results Are Only A Matter Of Time
  •  Goal setting & Online Support Group
  •  Change Unwanted Habits
Nutrition Guidance
  • FREE Nutrition Booklet
  • We Focus On Health, Not Calories
  • Become A Fat Burning Machine 
  • Eat To Fuel Your Body
  • Boost Your Immune System
  • Feel Amazing In Your Skin Again
  • Why Food Is Medicine
Some results from our clients
What Other Mom's Are Saying:
"Working out around all these badass women and mothers motivated me to do better in other areas of my life. There were so many role models to look up to at SMASH GYMS....Coach Miranda especially😍"
"I truly feel I have found a gym family here. Intensely training gave me the energy and confidence to thrive in the many roles I have in life: mother, wife, therapist, supervisor, PTA parent, daughter, sister, friend"
"Being in Miranda's SmashWOD classes and closely training under her coaching changed my life on so many levels!!! She was PUSHING me to try new exercises (hang & cleans, power cleans, push press, clean & jerk, thruster) and building up my confidence!"
"With the coaches there to help me “modify” my workouts when my belly got too big, I felt safe and at ease that they’re there to help me be as fit as I can for myself and my baby. 10 plus year with 3 kids I’ve never felt so much better about my health. 😍"
Mommy Bootcamp  
Smash Gyms Milpitas
616 South Main Street, Milpitas, Ca
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Meet Your Coach
Coach Miranda
Professional Mother and Coach!
Coach Miranda Cayabyab has put aside her professional Muay Thai career to focus on raising her children and developing her talents as a fitness coach. But let me start at the beginning to give you a better understanding of why she is so awesome.
In 2004 Miranda found herself in an unhealthy place. Out of shape and overweight, she had lost her confidence. She decided to make a change and found herself in Coach Rudi Ott’s Cardio Kickboxing Class! Though it was difficult, she loved it! 

Miranda dedicated herself to getting back in shape and that's where it all began!
A year and 40lbs later Miranda decided to take on new challenge, Muay Thai. She overcame her fears and began to love challenge of stepping into the ring. Her nicknamed formed as “Killa”, as she quickly established herself as a top level competitor with a fierce heart within the fight community. Miranda won 3 National Titles as an amateur!

During her amateur career, she took some time off to give birth to her second child, Aurora Hope. For most, having a full-time job, 2 children, and training full time as a competitive fighter would be too much. Miranda not only was able to be successful with all those responsibilities, but during this time she also decided to get certified as a CrossFit Trainer. Always looking for new challenges, she then decided that she wanted to take her Muay Thai career further and turn professional.

In November, 2013 Miranda made her Professional Muay Thai debut for Lion Fight Promotions. What most don't know is that she had completely blown out her ACL & PCL just 3 weeks before. Miranda refused to pull out of the Fight. Her determination and skills were on full display that night. Despite her injuries she won a unanimous decision victory. Her family, friends,. and team were very proud.

She has now entered the next stage of her Fitness and Martial Arts journey of coaching. Miranda has quickly built a following of loyal members who LOVE her classes!

Well here's the cliff notes: We've helped thousands of members, its the largest group class schedule in the area, You will have access to certified coaches and nutrition advice, and if you're willing to put some skin in the game and SHOW UP to class, you will see great results!